Mac Oil Carts – White Guava Cart 1g

Mac Oil Carts – White Guava Cart 1g


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Mac Oil Carts – White Guava Cart 1g

Mac Oil Cart – White Guava Cart. This vape cartridge is one of the best products from Mac Pharms, a leading brand in the cannabis industry. Mac Oil – White Guava Cart contains 87.1% THC for strong, long-lasting effects with every hit. White Guava is a variety-specific extract that combines flavors of pear, apricot, and mango with hints of citrus. Great for relaxing, improving your mood, and boosting your creativity. Mac oil carts are made using only the highest quality ingredients and natural terpenes, ensuring a pure, flavorful product you can trust. No additives, no fillers, no compromises. The only pure cannabis oil that provides an amazing vaping experience. . Be sure to try one of his best vape products on the market. Order your Mac Oil – White Guava Cart today and get ready to feel the Mac difference!

Mac Pharms is redefining what you can expect from quality cannabis products. We are an evolving cannabis company driven by passion and the search for a better way. Mac Pharms offers the safest and cleanest products in the industry.

White Guava is a 100% pure Indica strain with mysterious origins. Not much can be said about the lineage of the guava strain as the dates are vague, but it is a cross between the infamous Guava Diesel and White Hashplan.

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