Mac Oils – Banangie Cart 1g

Mac Oils – Banangie Cart 1g


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Mac Oil Carts – Banangie Cart 1g

Mac Oil Cart – Bananji Cart 1g
Mac Oil Cart – Bananji Cart. This highly potent product contains 87.1% THC for a smooth, satisfying hit every time. Banagie is a hybrid strain that combines the sweet and spicy flavors of banana and orange with a hint of diesel. Perfect for relaxing after a long day or enjoying some creative time. Mac Oil Cart is made from high-quality ingredients and natural terpenes, ensuring a pure and effective product you can trust. Mac Pharms is a leading brand in the cannabis industry, offering a variety of edibles, vapes, and concentrates to meet your needs. Find Mac Oils – Banangie Cart and other Mac Pharms products at your local retailer or shop online at WeedMaps¹. Please take this opportunity to experience the amazing effects and deliciousness of bananji. Order now and feel the Mac difference.

Banana Cake

Paisa Glow Seeds has created a banana cake that is a combination of Monkey Banana and Wedding Cake.

The most commonly reported flavors of banana cake strains are banana, vanilla, and cream. It should taste like tropical fruit or vanilla.

Banana, also known as “Banana”, “B1”, and “B1 Banana”, is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Developed from Leafs by Snoop.

89.45% 0.19D44 Flavor


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