Mac Pharms Blue Zkittlez 3.5

Mac Pharms Blue Zkittlez 3.5


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Mac Pharms Blue Zkittlez 3.5

Mac Pharms Blue Zkittlez 3.5 is a floral product containing a hybrid strain with a sweet-sour apple flavor and mint aroma. She was created by Dying Breed Seeds, a cross between Blue Diamond and Zuchitles, creating what is described as a highly aromatic plant with a floral and tart flavor profile with sweet overtones.
Blues Kittles Her
hybrid, created by dyeing the seeds of the
Blues Kittles is an indica-leaning cross between Blue Diamond and Zkittles with a floral, tart flavor with sweet overtones.Her Profile It is said to produce plants with a strong aroma.

The scent of Blue Zkittlez is said to be very strong and growers may need to use masking or odor control measures when growing this strain.

Samples of Blue Zkittlez analyzed by cannabis testing laboratory Confident Cannabis showed high THC levels of over 22% and a terpene profile consisting primarily of myrcene, pinene, and limonene.


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